Code and data

Picture3For some time now I’ve been thinking about using this website as a platform for sharing statistical code and data from papers that I’ve published. Well, I’ve finally made a start – take a peak at my imaginatively named new page ‘Code and data’

I’ve got two primary motivations for uploading code and data from my papers. The first is that I’ve benefited on numerous occasions from the generosity of others who have shared their code with me. From supplementary material in published papers to emails with bits of code I’ve requested, I simply could not have completed some of my research without these generous offerings. I hope to return that favour here.

The second reason is that I want the data I’ve collected to be available to others, either for further dedicated analyses or for use in meta-analyses. The further I go through my career the more I realise just how precious data are. The time, effort and money required to gather field data is perhaps evidence enough. Sadly though, recent experience has taught me just how quickly one’s data can become a vital record of what was once was.

So, swing over to ‘Code and data’ and take a look. I’ll update the page as new papers come out, and work on filling in my back catalogue over the next few months.

Just one request – if you use the code or data presented on this website, please cite the relevant paper, or, if there isn’t one to cite, cite this website instead.


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